RollerCoaster Tycoon: Corkscrew Follies Expansion Cheats For PC

  1. Stop Guests From Leaving

    Put a ''DO Not Enter'' sign in front of the exit

    Contributed by: smallfry645 

  2. Remove Tall Grass

    To remove tall grass, select the land tool. Click on the patch of grass to remove the tall grass. Increase the size of the land tool to remove tall grass on a larger scale. While the grass wont be freshly cut, it's free and guests wont complain about the grass.

    Contributed by: GurraJG 

  3. Popping the Balloons

    Sometimes, the guests will let go of their balloon if they have one. The balloons will go into the air and you can pop them by clicking on it.

    Contributed by: sonic479 

  4. Nameing Your Guests

    Name your guests the following things to make them turn them into certain types of people:

    Simon Foster - Artist Guest
    Katie Bradshaw - Waving Guest
    Chris Sawyer - Takes Pictures
    Melanie Warn - Happy Guest
    Tony Day - Hungry Guest
    John Mace - Overpaying Guest
    John Wardley - WOW Thinking
    Damon Hill or Michel Schumacher - Faster Go Carts

    Contributed by: smallfry645 

  5. Special-Name Guests

    Changing a guest's name to one of the following will have the effect listed.

    Code Effect
    John Bibrough Guest will increase park rating
    Mr. Bean Guest will drive go-carts slow
    Richard Branson Guest will make other guests have a lot of money
    Richard Tan Guest will be theif

    Contributed by: fjer 

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