RollerCoaster Tycoon 3D Cheats For 3DS

  1. Park Decoder Unlockables

    Go to the Park decoder under options and enter the following codes:

    Code Effect
    splotch, splotch, splotch, crown Asteroid Splash
    crown, drink, crown, drink Atari Dragon
    wrench, drink, wrench, drink Atari Ride Theme
    ferris wheel, wrench, wrench, wrench Bamboo Fence
    roller coaster, roller coaster, splotch, splotch Black Beard
    splotch, ferris wheel, mechanic, mechanic Boneyard
    crown, crown, mechanic, mechanic Cemetary Fence
    wrench, mechanic, crown, crown Chute Drop
    mechanic, splotch, wrench, wrench Coffin Bench
    splotch, tree, wrench, wrench Combat Arena
    mechanic, mechanic, mechanic, wrench Combat Mech
    drink, drink, ferris wheel, tree Dead Elm
    wrench, splotch, tree, tree Flying Carpet
    crown, drink, ferris wheel, ferris wheel Fourth Dimension
    ferris whee,l ferris wheel, tree, ferris wheel Ginger Breads
    crown, crown, mechanic, drink Griffin Bounce
    mechanic, tree, mechanic, tree Hi Tech Sign
    mechanic, mechanic, tree, mechanic Liquid Magic
    splotch, tree, tree, splotch Mangrove
    ferris wheel, drink, tree, tree Meteors
    crown, crown, mechanic,crown Moai Head
    splotch, ferris wheel, splotch, ferris wheel Outlaw Cactus
    splotch, drink, splotch, splotch Picket Fence
    drink, splotch, drink, splotch Pumpkin Slime
    drink, mechanic, crown, wrench Red Baron Refresh
    ferris wheel, wrench, wrench, ferris wheel Reverse
    drink, ferris wheel, splotch, splotch Rocket Repair
    ferris wheel, splotch, crown, crown Robot Revolve
    crown, crown, splotch, splotch Robot Trash Can
    ferris wheel, ferris wheel, splotch, splotch Standup Twister
    mechanic, mechanic, splotch, splotch String Theory
    drink, splotch, wrench, wrench Sundae Surprise
    drink, splotch, crown, crown Sunflower
    ferris wheel, ferris wheel, ferris wheel, tree Suspended Swinging
    roller coaster, tree, roller coaster, tree Tea Cups
    wrench, roller coaster, mechanic, splotch Techno Falls
    crown, ferris wheel, crown, crown Tropical Blends
    splotch, wrench, crown, crown Wing Seater
    drink, ferris wheel, ferris wheel, ferris wheel Zipper

    Contributed by: Kane_Spy