RollerCoaster Tycoon 3 Cheats For PC

  1. Interactive Birds

    Right click on a bird while its flying and it will either make a sound or be ruffled. Do it to a bird in a flying V and he will fall back in the formation and the V will rearranged.

    Contributed by: Wist 

  2. Pop Balloons

    You can pop balloons by double clicking on it. You can pop balloons in peep\'s hands and ones that have already been let go.

    Contributed by: Wist 

  3. Various Passwords

    Rename one of your park guests the code to get the desired effect.

    Code Effect
    Frontier All rides and coasters never break down
    Guido Fawkes Gives access to the advanced Fireworks editor
    Sam Denney Peeps ride all coasters
    Jon Roach Peeps ride all non-coaster rides
    John Wardley Removes height restrictions when building coasters
    Chris Sawyer Guests Jump for joy
    Atari All guests Laugh
    David Braben Unlimited launch and chain lift speeds (only works after update #1)
    Andrew Thomas Decreases track friction, which can help when importing some RCT1 or 2 coasters into RCT3. Only works after Update #1.
    John D Rockefeller Gives you $10,000
    James Hunt You are given a buggy vehicle to ride in - exit coastercam and delete as scenery when done.
    D Lean Open the "Flying Camera" routes editor
    Mouse All guests stand around looking down at the ground
    ATITech Every Person (both guests & staff) move super fast,
    Make Me Sick All guests become Sick and vomit immediately
    Jonny Watts PeepCam (see the world through the eyes of the guest who you just renamed)
    Atomic Big Explosion - makes a huge explosion on a coaster crash
    Simon Foster Pains Pictures of Rides
    Melanie Warn Increases Guests' Happiness
    Katie Brayshaw Waving Guests
    FPS Shows Frames Per Second
    Andrew Gillett Reduces friction to none on all rollercoasters

    Contributed by: bluemoogle 

  4. Automatically trains all staff members to their fullest level

    Automatically trains all staff members to their fullest level
    **This code rarely will freeze up your game but only after you enter it twice**
    Rename any guest this name and it will cost $1,000 and then when you hire a new staff member it will cost $350 (the cost to fully train them)
    Tip: Hire all your staff members then enter code and it will only cost $1,000


    Code Effect
    Isambard Kingdom Brunel Automatically takes $1,000 out of your $$$$ and will train ALL your staff members

    Contributed by: panther007_ 

Walkthroughs & FAQs

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FAQ/Walkthrough FAQ/Walkthrough by Mouse_Nightshirt 84K

RollerCoaster Tycoon 3 Cheats For Macintosh

  1. Helpful Cheats

    To activate these cheats, click on a park guest and rename him or her with the listed name.

    Code Effect
    Isambard Kingdom Brunel Fully trains staff, costs $1000
    Make Me Sick Park guest becomes nauseous
    Atari Park guest laugh
    Mouse Park guest looks at the ground
    Frontier Riders never break down
    Atomic RollerCoaster will crash
    Andrew Thomas Reduces track friction
    ATITech Everyone moves fast for a short time
    Guido Fawkes Use advance fireworks editor
    John D Rockefeller $10000
    Chris Sawyer Park guest joyfully jumps
    Melanie Warn Park guest becomes happier
    D Lean Opens in-game camera editor
    Jonny Watts See the park through guest's eyes
    Sam Denney Park guest rides all rollercoasters before leaving
    Jon Roach Park guest rides all non-coaster rides before leaving
    John Wardley No height restrictions when building coasters
    David Braben Unlimited launch and chain lift speeds
    James Hunt Spawns a dune buggy for you to ride around
    Shifty Park Guests Dance
    Andrew Gillett Increase park value; on first career mission will double the value rating of your park
    PhotoStory Park Guests Take Photos
    Ghost Town New guests not allowed to enter, current guests may leave if desired
    FPS Display frame rate
    A Hitchcock Lots of ducks appear
    John Mace Peeps pay double for rides; this peep rides free
    M Brookes Build walls and scenery next to paths

    Contributed by: Menji