Rogue Galaxy Cheats For PS2

  1. Unlocking new levels and items

    Code Effect
    Complete the game, and save when prompted. Now go to your ship and look at the map, you will see the new level Ghost Ship level
    Complete the Ghost Ship Captains Clothes
    Complete the Ghost Ship Dolgen Edge
    Answer the questions in the Seventh Mystery correctly Key of the Underworld
    Use the Key of the Underworld Ghost Ship Extreme level
    Complete Ghost Ship Extreme Kisaras Swimsuit
    Complete Ghost Ship Extreme Fruit of the King

    Contributed by: Nelo_Portgas 

  2. New Game Plus

    To unlock all previously obtained costumes into a new game, simply hold R1 while hitting the new game option from the title screen.

    Contributed by: Deadmans_Fate 

  3. Character Outfits

    These are the different outfits that can be unlocked:

    Code Effect
    Starting Outfit Jaster - Desert-Dweller's Clothes
    Chest on Juraika Jaster - Jungle Coat
    Finish Alistia Sidequest Jaster - Pirate's Outifit
    Complete MIO's Hunter Ranking Jaster - Desert Claw's Outfit
    Finish Ghost Ship Jaster - Captain's Uniform
    Starting Outfit Kisala - Light Skirt
    Chest on Vedan Kisala - Phantom Robe
    Chest on Mariglenn Kisala - Her Majesty's Attire
    Defeat Quarry : "The Rumored Ladyhunter" Kisala - Tribal Two-Piece
    Complete MIO's Hunting Record Kisala - Arina's Sleeve
    Finish Ghost Ship : Extreme Kisala - Kisala's Swimsuit
    Starting Outift Simon - Spacesuit
    Chest on Zerard Simon - Traditional Worksuit
    Bui from Item Shop (Corbis) on Vedan Simon - Hand-Knit Sweater
    Defeat Quarry : "The Voracious Wanderer" Simon - Cosmo Jacket
    Complete MIO's Rare Items Simon - Zero-G Suit
    Finsh Ghost Ship : Extreme a second time Simon - Sho's Clothes
    Starting Oufit Steve - Titanium Armor
    Chest on Rosa Steve - Reflect Armor
    Chest on Zerard Steve - Zeranium Armor
    Buy from Shop (Joshua) on Zerard Steve - Energy Armor
    Complete MIO's Factory Steve - Izerium Armor
    Starting Outfit Zegram - Ebony Coat
    Chest on Juraika Zegram - Wanderer's Coat
    Chest on Vedan Zegram - Lupine Coat
    Buy from Weapon Shop (Narcissus) on Mariglenn Zegram - Swordsman's Gi
    Complete MIO's Frog Log Zegram - Midnight Cloak
    Starting Outfit Lilika - Warrior's Clothes
    Chest on Juraika Lilika - Royal Servant's Clothes
    Chest on Rosa Lilika - Star Traveler's Outfit
    Win the Insectron S-Rank Tournament a second time Lilika - Stealth Clothes
    Complete MIO's Quarries Lilika - Sun's Beloved Wear
    Starting Outfit Jupis - Leather Wear
    Chest on Zerard Jupis - Lab Coat
    Buy from Item Shop (Hanbarney) on Zerard Jupis - Vintage Wear
    Defeat Quarry : "The Shapeless Assassin" Jupis - Riding Outfit
    Complete MIO's Insectron Jupis - Hi-Tech Mobile Wear
    Starting Outfit Deego - Taurus Attachement
    Chest on Vedan Deego - Heavy Attachement
    Chest on Mariglenn Deego - Destructo Attachement
    Buy from Weapon Shop (Alice) on Zerard Deego - Longardian Armor
    Complete MIO's Revelation Flow Deego - Full Metal Jacket

    Contributed by: Metorfall 

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