Just Listen

User Rating: 8.7 | Rock 'N Roll Racing SNES
Rock 'N Roll Racing is a simple racing game, the tracks aren't marvelous and neither is its design but what this game really has is a soul.

In the game basically you race against 3 people on strange tracks and earn some money by the end of each race, you can use this money to head to another class and upgrade your car with new tyres, weapons, ammo and etc.

The game presents a great level of challenge as you advance, the first races are piece of cake, but when you reach the best classes you will start having trouble trying to beat everybody, that's one of the main factors that make this game so damn good, is really hard nowadays to find a challenging racing game.

Graphically the game is not so good, the scenarios and the cars are pretty simple, but when you are playing this game, you won't even worry about its design, as what really matters is the soundtrack.

Lots of classic Rock songs are played during the races, is thrilling to be on a battle for the top while listening amazing songs from Heavy Metal bands, even if you are someone that doesn't like the style, you will probably gonna love it after some hours playing this game.

Gameplay is really simple, just control your car and shoot at the others, you don't need to brake and all controls work perfectly, people that have never played it will be confused when they start playing it, but after a while you get used to the camera view.

Rock N' Roll racing really is a classic, it isn't as famous as Mario Kart or F-Zero which are games that made it to the following generations, but this game is as good as those.