very fun but simple port

User Rating: 9.6 | Rock 'N Roll Racing GBA
game play it is fun all around and it utilizes a mariokart style weapon arsenal race when money to advance to new areas depending on the difficulty setting graphics cleaner then the 16 bit snes version and very good for a portable game that usually has choppy graphics like gt3 advance, the tracks look nice sound this was indeed the very first game to feature real music (no singing though) as its name implies its old classic rockn roll like born to be wild etc., the effects and speach also work well in the game value 3 difficulty levels 4-5 planets each with lots of tracks lots of weapons upgrades and cars depending on a planet your in could have added a few others but it still is a faithful port of a classic game tilt if you have been looking for a fun game or another classic or your like me will i used to i sold my snes and you want a games you had before or your new i say grab it if you fins it its worth it