One of my favorite games of all time makes it way to the Game Boy...

User Rating: 8.4 | Rock 'N Roll Racing GBA
This has to be one one of, it not my number one favorite game of all time. Rock N' Roll Racing first appeared on the Genesis and Super Nintendo I believe in 1994. And I could go on all day about how much fun me and my friends had playing this classic. The sad thing is that the game makes me feel old just thinking about how long ago that was. LoL.

With some of the most fun and amazing gameplay I have ever witnessed in a racing game (which is by no means my favorite genre), this game won my heart 12 years ago and it still holds it today. You'll never get a bigger thrill playing a videogame than shooting a missle straight into your best friend's car as he's about to cross the finish line to destroy him and steal his first place finish.

The graphics are acceptable for what they are here on the GBA, and the cars resemble matchbox cars. Which I actually like the cartoonish look myself. The sound is a little bit more impressive, featuring songs like "Born To Be Wild" that just get you amped while you're playing. Tracks have alot of turns, however, and the squeel that your tires make on them get annoying. That is a minus, but is saved by the announcer who spurts off things like "And Rip is in another time zone!" LoL. Classic.

The bottom line is that this is a great game, and the port over to the GBA was near perfect. I'm having a ton of fun playing, and I picked it up on eBay brand new and sealed for 15 bucks. You just can't beat that. If you like games like Twisted Metal or just racing in general... scratch that, if you just like fun, simple games... pick this up. Even if you don't have a friend to hook up GBA's with and play 2 player mode, you'll have tons of fun just playing through the single player mode racking up cash and tricking your car out with various upgrades. Two thumbs up, and this game will live forever as a cult classic.