Very underrated game!

Well this game has been out over a year now and for some reason i just picked it up. It really did not look that impressive to me when i saw trailers. But i finally got it and in my opinion its the best FPS for the ps3. Yes even better than COD4! If you don't have a ps3 your missing out on this one!

Graphics: Very detailed environments. Guns look great. It is just visually stunning. Some of the best graphics of the ps3 games to date and this was one of the first shooters for the ps3.

Sound: The guns sound very good. Explosions are awesome. Pretty much every aspect of the sound is flawless. Top notch!

Game Play: Not much to say.. only that this game is so addictive to play. I don't know what it is about it but I have already played through the game twice and still enjoying it. I just love the plot of it sort of the terminator theme in a way.

Controls: Just right. Feels smooth

Is it worth buying?: DEFINITELY!!!

Replay Value: Very High

My Overall Score: 10/10

Can not wait for resistance 2!