The game Rocked my socks right off, even better then the last, which was one hard mark to hit!

User Rating: 10 | Rock Band 3 PS3
This game is hard to describe, but suffice it to say that it is one of my favorite games to date. This franchise is old, but not as old as the guitar hero franchise, but It always seems to one up itself. What I mean is , that Rockband 2 was just a bit better than its predecessor, and the same is true of Rockband 3. I am happy that these sequels seem to be moving forward instead of, in some cases, backwards.

The graphics in this installment lead to similarities of the trippy effects of The Beatles Rockband, which in my estimation was it's only redeeming quality.There are many plush animated cut-scenes and the music is a nice compilation of 70's rock all the way up to Pop.

Another nice feature is that you can still use all the songs from any track pack you may have purchased, and songs from all Downloads from previous games. This game all around is awesome and a guaranteed endless amount of hours in game play as its replay value is so high on the quest for mastering all the instruments!

The clothing that you can get in game by unlocking challenges is great and there is just such a wide variety. The character customization is also more in depth than in the first two installments. In this version they have done away with the money system, but kept the fans. Now you have challenges that earn you aces instead of cash, the aces then unlock certain things in the game. Some items are clothes, and some are new instruments.

I can not stress this enough, this game is solid, very very awesome!