when it says best in series its not talking about rock band...its talking about the entire music genre!!!

User Rating: 8.5 | Rock Band 3 PS3
rock band 3 is amazing. plain and simple, just get it.

presentation-8.5-pro-mode, 2000 songs (most of them good), and online play...amazing presentation!!!

graphics-7.5-same graphics, nothing special...still nothing bad.

sound-9-the setlist it comes with isn't too impressive (amy F***ING WHINEHOUSE!!!!!!????? SERIOUSLY, or am i sufferring from insomnia!!??) but the 2000 songs in total are impressive...very impressive, and sound great.

gameplay-8.5-pro-mode is a great new feature, though the guitar isn't really anything special, and the keyboard is great.

lasting appeal-8.5-its a music game, its pretty safe to say when u buy this it'll be the only music game you'll be playing...maybe toss a gitar hero WoR in there because of the gh 5, metallica, world tour, and smash hits tracks that r downloadable, but all in all this is the better game by far.

overall-8.5-a must buy for any music game fan.