Robot Wars: Arenas of Destruction Cheats For PS2

  1. Use Any Arena In Free-Play Mode

    Highlight a locked arena that is directly next to another locked area. Press D-Pad+X when moving to the other locked area. If timed correctly, one of the locked areas will be available for use.

    Contributed by: G Prime 398 

  2. Unlockable Robots

    Code Effect
    Win Russian Rampage Behemoth
    Win Robot Wars World Championship Chaos 2
    Win Rooftop Punishment Diotoir
    Win Hamburg Heavyweight Cup Firestorm 2
    Win Flip Frenzy Using Chaos 2 Hypno-Disc
    Win Liberty Lightweight Cup Mortis
    Win Scrapyard Challenge Panic Attack
    Win Alpha Viking Open Trophy Pussycat
    Win Nerves of Steel Razer
    Win Heavy Bomber Terrorhurtz
    Win Robot Wars Championship Thor

    Contributed by: DrDreEminem 

  3. Kilamanjaro Jewel

    Code Effect
    Win the Robot Wars Championship. You must also have the Siberia level unlocked. Kilimanjaro Jewel Level

    Contributed by: G Prime 398 

  4. Unlockable Arenas

    Remain Arenas Requires You Must Unlock Them By Earning More Credits (Except For Mount Kilimanjaro, Which Is Unlocked When You Win World Championship).

    Code Effect
    Unlocked after getting 3,000 credits North Sea Oil Rig
    Unlocked after getting 5,000 credits Tokyo Rooftop
    Unlocked after getting 8,000 credits Hamburg Dockyard
    Unlocked after getting 10,000 credits Sao Paulo Scrapyard
    Unlocked after getting 15,000 credits New York Steelworks
    Unlocked after getting 25,000 credits Siberian Military Base
    Hidden until the player wins World Championship Mount Kilimanjaro

    Contributed by: RaumeRVZ 

  5. To Unlock Everything and have 9999999 credits:

    Type 'JPEARCE' as a player name. That is the name of the Game's commentator and it will unlock all arena's, robots, trophys and give you a lot of credits to spend in the workshop.

    Contributed by: bigstunnerdude 

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Robot Wars: Arenas of Destruction Cheats For Game Boy Advance

  1. Misc. Passwords

    When naming a robot, enter the following as names:

    Code Effect
    HARD CASE Invincibility (can still be flipped)
    GLADIATOR Unlock all arenas and editor
    SCRAP METAL Unlock all parts (not including gold parts)
    CONVERSE Unlock all ALL-STAR robots

    Contributed by: Starcube 

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Robot Wars: Arenas of Destruction Cheats For PC

  1. Cheat Codes

    Log in as the following:

    Code Effect
    JPEARCE All Robots, Arenas, Trophies, Lots of Credits

    Contributed by: Ste14 

Walkthroughs & FAQs

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