Sonics and Shadows level are fast paced and full of fun Knuckles levels take longer and are okay,etc.

I think Sonic team would have been better off to keep Tails the way he was on the first game racing sonic because those levels were more fun than battle's levels. At his levels you control the Tornado which somehow turns into a battle bot, plain, and a car when he chases the limo. Sonic and Shadows levels were fast pace and fun like Sonics was on the first one. Rouge's levels are identical to knuckles levels.

Any way the story of this game is that The army is after Shadow because he is doing crimes and they somehow think that Sonic is Shadow maybe these people are colorblind because Sonic does not look like Shadow. This game has lots of replay ability it has five challenges per level that involve collecting rings, beating the level fast enough, finding the lost Chao and etc. The Chao garden in this game has instead of just one type of chaos Chao there are three neutral, hero, dark. There are more races added to the race mode and now you can fight with your Chao in Chao karate.

There are now also new animals you can give your Chao like skeleton dogs that remove your chaos animal parts on the last game you could not remove them. When you get all emblems you will unlock a classic stage that is in 3-D but, believe me getting that many emblems would be quite difficult.