The Legend of Sherwood is fun, as long as you can deal with micromanaging merry men. For strategy fans only...

User Rating: 7.5 | Robin Hood: The Legend of Sherwood PC
Great game, with a great aesthetic that just frustrated the hell out of me. Robin Hood TLOS is a real time strategy game featuring his usual cast of merry men and typical castle/forest settings.

The maps are fantastically entertaining, and contain a surprising amount of detail. The underlying gameplay is addictive, and the range of choices is well thought out.

My main problem with the game is that I found the levels to be too linear.
Basically, you have a goal for each section of gameplay, and there is a number of paths you can take to accomplish that goal, both physically and metaphorically. For example, you can take more than one route to a goal through a forest or city, and you can choose to fight or hide.
This all sounds great, but in reality, the paths available are more like red herrings than they are choices.

After getting killed a few times, I quickly realized that there is really very choice about how to complete a level.
The choices are there (fight or hide, left or right), but, with each and every move, only one choice is the best one, and any deviation can lead to disaster or an unacceptable loss of resources.
It's not impossible to beat the game, because it's not that hard to learn which way to go through trial and error, but I found the linearity frustrating.

Bottom line: great strategy game, but don't expect open exploration of maps or the choice to duke it out with all of your enemies, there is always a right way to finish a level, and your job is to figure it out.