RoadKill, a hidden Gem of last Generation

User Rating: 9 | RoadKill PS2
RoadKill isn't recognized by many today, nor was it at the time of its release. Many people overlook this game, don't appreciate it, or just have never heard of it. Let me start by saying if you're a fan of the Twisted Metal and/or Grand Theft Auto games, chances are you will enjoy this game.

RoadKill is an open world Vehicular Combat game, set in 3 Locations: Lava Falls, Blister Canyon and Paradise City. The levels are not enormous, but they are a decent enough size to travel between all three and have hidden car and weapon parts scattered about.

The game starts out after a plague called "The Rot" has hit and sent the survivors into chaos. Everybody is against everybody and unless you have Machine Guns and Missiles attached to your vehicle you will not survive long.

The whole game you are in the car, and are limited to driving and shooting at other Armored and Weapon attached vehicles. There is also a turret attached to each vehicle which is operated by your Wingman. Unfortunately the sections where you get to use the turret for yourself are small and happen rarely, but these sections are done well.

The story and characters are cheesy, but it fits the setting quite well. The radio is almost identical to the setup of Grand Theft Auto, having a DJ with a lot of humor in between songs. There's also talk show stations, each with a GTA like humor to them.

In short, RoadKill is a great game, perhaps not the most serious, polished or generation starting game, but its fun, funny, and exciting and what more do you need?