Destroy it All

User Rating: 8 | RoadKill PS2
So the first time I put this game in to play was right after it came out with my friend and we played the multi-player and thought it was a little boring. It sat on my shelf for few months and somehow finally it found itself back in my console and I started the single player mode. I thought it was decent at first and then I started to notice all these little details about it and the game just seemed to become more life like. I got really addicted to playing for hours. Good selection of different vehicles to unlock and choose from and three diffrent cities that have a solid atmosphere to each. Also the radio stations are just amazingly funny and rememorable. The whole post-apocalyptic scenario is great and is the closet thing I've ever played to a Road Warrior-ish game, so I totally enjoyed it. Also theirs rockets you can fire and have a first person view as it flys in the air so you can direct it to its point of impact. Very fun overlooked game for sure.