User Rating: 8.1 | RoadKill XBOX
I adore this game. Midway has most definitely been the friend of Xbox “M Rating” game lovers out there, as of late. The most enjoyable aspect of Roadkill (for me) is the large maps, the well rendered vehicles and the mini-missions that are strung throughout the entire game. I would not go as far as to say that graphically this title is gorgeous. However, there is enough attention to deal to give the visual impression of a vibrant “3-D” world. The vehicles vary greatly and allow for finite details, such as the traction on the tiers of the vehicles. When I look closely, I can see the tread…this is a nice detail. The game play and controller layout is well executed. I was able to jump right in and start playing with minimal effort. Weapon execution is easy and I can keep my eye on the targets while still being able to enjoy all the detail of the maps, etc. The major downside of this title is the surprising absence of Custom Soundtrack Support. There are many Radio Stations that you can choose from in-game. However, after about ten hours you have heard it all at least once. This option would have really brought this game into classic status. All in all, this is fine addition to any racing, shooting game fan’s Xbox Game Collection.