User Rating: 9.1 | RoadKill GC
Roadkill is a fun game that can keep you on it for hours. Besides being one of the best drive around in your car and blow up your rivals game, it has a pretty awesome soundtrack that can sooth the soul while you annihilate your rivals. The game has multiple radio stations like my personal favorite 69.33QQQQ(something like that) which contains good ol' classic rock from Judas Priest,Blue Oyster Cult,April Wine etc..,but it also has a rap station if your into rap,a metal station(Its all Fuzz Brothers though),and a couple other funny stations that mainly deals with adult issues(sexual themes and politics). The missions actually are pretty fun too, the missions were consistently different which is a positive. There is about 35-40 vehicles which keeps you in the game. You can even upgrade certain attributes like Armor,Firepower,Speed,Acceleration and so on. It could be a little bit longer though,but its definatley a fun game and if your into blowing up other people to good music with a good amount of humor,than this is your game.