User Rating: 8.3 | RoadKill XBOX
If you're looking for something deep or original, look elsewhere. But HOLY SH*T is this game fun!!! If you're an oldie like me and remember the Steve Jackson CAR WARS pen and paper game, this is like a video game version of that, but with missions and a plot (albeit a thin one) to boot. The missions are fun and varied, but even better is just driving around getting into fights and chases and looking for unlockable weapons and vehicles and salvage to buy vehicle and weapon upgrades. The controls are responsive, the physics fun (in a Dukes of Hazzard-like unrealistic way), and no glitches to speak of. My only quibbles: 1) the graphics are a little PS2-ish. 2) the radio stations always start at more or less the same place every time you begin the game, so you end up listening to the same bits over and over unless you play for a very long time in one sitting. 3) no support of custom sound tracks. it'd be great to be able to mix some of your own tunes into the radio stations, or have a "tape deck" option in addition to the radio. 4) despite several options, there's no controller setting in which you can keep the gas pedal down while having full access to weaponry. To the developer, it's very simple: * Left thumb stick = steering * Right trigger = gas * Left trigger = brake / reverse (no need for a separate handbrake -- take a cue from Burnout or Wreckless -- after all, this isn't a racing sim . . . ) * and then the buttons for primary and secondary weapon fire, change primary weapon (and why not a "change secondary weapon"?!), nitrous boost, rear-view mirror, etc. No need to use the right-thumbstick (other than maybe for some camera control, like in Wreckless?). That way you can keep the right trigger down for the gas and have your right thumb free to hit and all buttons for weapons, etc. All in all, well worth the $40 retail price, and a steal if you find it used or have something to trade in towards it! Dig it!