RoadKill is the game that is so good, yet so over looked.

User Rating: 9.7 | RoadKill PS2
RoadKill is probably my favorite driving game ever made. It's just really fun, and top notch quality, not quantity (though it does have a lot). On the back of the box it says, "Twisted Metal: Black meets Grand Theft Auto...", and that's the truth. RoadKill successfully combines vehichular combat and open ended gameplay to provide one of the best games ever made. The best thing about RK is its audio. It provides several radio stations from rock to rap to political chat and more. The voice acting is also superb and goes along with the great story well. The audio also has some great explosions and car effects in it. The gameplay itself is also superb. While it offers nothing new, it does successfully combine car combat and open ended gameplay to provide a fun game to play. The open endedness of the game is like that of GTA3. There are spots you go to to activate missions, but you can just drive around doing what you want if you don't feel like doing the missions. RK offers you three large and impressive cities to wreak havoc in, Lava Falls, a city built on the foundation of a dormant volcano was once a Las Vegas like city. With casinoes, an amusement park, and an airport, Lava Falls is a pretty fun place to be. Other than Lava Falls you have Blister Canyon, a city struck by three disasters and falling apart at the seems, and Paradise City which has a fully functional police force, is rather stable, and the complete opposite of Blister Canyon. Each of these cities are south western themed islands (Blister Canyon being severely flooded and now several islands). Each city is different from the other and very fun to play in. The graphics of RK are also superb. The cutscenes are beautifully done, and the cars, people, and cities are nicely done, too. You should go get RoadKill now. If you don't like it, you're crazy. Did I mention it's less then twenty dollars now?