Grand theft auto san andreas isn't just the best game in it's genre, year, or platform, it's the best game ever made. Pe

I've always been a big fan of the Grand theft auto series, even before Grand theft auto 3, but especially after that game. Grand theft auto 3 and Vicecity were truly revolutinary, and San andreas, if you can even imagine it, is even better than both those games put together. To say it fairly, San andreas is actually a state, with 3 cities in it, country land in between, and more things to do than the gamer could ever imagine. From racing to flying planes, to even betting on horse races in the country land and gambling in Las Venturas, the fictional Las Vegas of San andreas, you can do it all. You could play this game for months upon months, every day, and still not be 100% done with it. Even the story is a lengthy 30+ hours, but there's nothing like pointless, yet highly thrilling killing sprees to break up the campaign, and Rockstar has made these even more fun. The graphics are simply great, considering no load times, the voice acting is phenominal, and quite simply, Grand theft auto san andreas is the most fun I've ever had with a video game.

Grand theft auto san andreas stars Carl Johnson, also known as CJ. He's a very likable character, mainly because of his peronality and he's also quite funny too. The story in this game is one of the best I've ever seen in a video game, with more plot twists than an episode of CSI and the sheer amount of things to do while playing this game is more than most RPG's. The story is basically about CJ and his "hood/brother" bringing Grove Street back into business, although you'll have lots of gang fights and such in the beginning of the story, as you advance, it'll turn into a more independant story that is all about CJ getting revenge and bringing his hood back. But there's something about the story that is just great, it might be because of the crooked cops you meet, or all the colorful and likable characters, or just because it's Grand theft auto made by Rockstar, and you know the story is going to be good. Which ever you choose, the story and characters are very likable, especially Officer Tenpenny, who is as funny as he is evil. There's even some characters that really break up the tense story, such as The Truth, a hippie who is more stupid than you could possibly imagine, but at the same time, he really makes the story even more colorful.

The missions you take forth in San andreas is ridiculously different with each mission you take. One mission, you'll be waiting outside for a guy to come out of his house, just to take a picture of him meeting a contact that will destroy his business, another will involve a huge casino heist that is as exciting as games get. The way missions is work is just like all previous Grand theft auto's, you go to the persons house/business location, have a cutscene involving that missions, and then doing that mission and sometimes returning to get your reward. Sometimes you don't have to return to that location, and a lot of times, you won't even get money, but you will almost always get respect. The respect is very well done, as you get more respect, you get to recruit gang members, and even some people will run from you because there so scared of you.

Although the missions are highly thrilling, sometimes, you just want to go out and cause mayhem. Don't worry, Rockstar made sure that San andreas would be nothing less than a playground of destruction for you. The cheat codes that you get is downright phenominal, and I cought myself, someone who doesn't usually cheat, well cheating. You get to do basically whatever you want, spawn anything you want in front of you, and even do some hilarious things, such as turning everyone into Elvis. But even if you don't like to cheat at all, San andreas has a crap load of stuff for you to do. For starters, you can take a driving test and get better at driving cars, boats, and planes. You can even increase your gun skill to the point where you can run while shooting and even dual wield! The coolest part of all though, is being able to purchase things. Although this was started with 2002's Grand theft auto vicecity, it's even better here, where you get to even start your own businesses and own more property than you could imagine. But be warned though, you don't get a lot of money from missions, so going out and doing tasks such as being a hitman, picking up items, or even being a pizza delivery boy/fireman/police officer/taxi driver/ambulance driver will get you loads of cash. That's right, you can be any of the professions that I listed above and more! San andreas opens up a whole new area of opportunity, and you can jack any car/bike/boat/plane you want, whenever you want. Even the cops aren't to hard to lose, and you can even swim (which can also be upgraded of course), something you couldn't do in Vicecity. Simply put, San andreas throws more at you than RPG's and even MMO's at times. It's simply a gamer's dream to play this game.

San andreas is large, actually that's an understatement. It's HUGE and although you don't have all of it accessed to you right away, when you open up the other 2 parts of the game, you'll be able to do what you want there. You start out in the Los Santos, a fictional Los Angeles, then go to San Fierro, a fictional San Francisco, and then Las Venturas, a fictional Las Vegas. All 3 cities are almost more well done than their real life counterpart, and that's no easy task. Even games like The Getaway who go on and on about how real and realistic their game's city is to the real life London can't match how much fun it is to fly through Las Santos in a plane, dropping bombs on the stip. Even on a jetpack (that's right), you can shoot stuff and such, and see all the cities and admire how realistic they look.

Grand theft auto san andreas might not have the best looking graphics around, espeically with it's textures, but the fact that there's no load times between counties (something that no GTA game has been able to pull off), amazing draw distance, some framerate problems but no real slowdown, and physics that must be seen to believe, really make up for the game's somewhat drab textures. San andreas just looks beautiful, and besides, this is definitely not a game that your going to be playing for graphics.

San andreas has some very colorful characters, but what really steals the show is the Oscar worthy voice acting. The voice acting in the game is great, especially Samuel L. Jackson's voicing of Officer Tenpenny, which really steals the show. But that's an understatement, because all of the voices are great, and the game is very funny. Although there's more cussing than The suffering ties that bind and Killer 7 put together, and there can be some bizarre scenes, such as Officer Tenpenny smoking weed, it's all very funny thanks to characters like The Truth. San andreas even makes jokes about Area 51, now calling it "Area 69". The banter of people walking on the street is hilarious, as they all have something funny to say. The radio stations are equally impressive, with lots of stations to choose from, and the talk show's are as hilarious as ever, especially in how even some of the characters on the radio's (such as Lazlo, the host of the talk show in Grand theft auto 3, and host of the rock station in Vicecity) is now a sideman in this game with some hilarious shows. It's all a joy to listen too and sometimes I just turn on the game to listen to the radio and the noise of banter on the street.

San andreas is very lively, as you never know when the cops are coming after you. Before, cops would only come after you, and once in a very rare occasion, someone else. Now though, cops go after everyone, especially fellow gangsters and even gangs from different parts of the 3 cities (and even some of the small towns in between each city, although there isn't a lot of crime there), so it really adds to the game's liveliness, knowing your not the only troublemaker in town, or state for that matter.

San andreas is just overflowing with things to do. I could go on and on (and probably have a bit) about why you should play this game, it really is phenominal. The sheer amount of things to do, the vast amount of vehicles you can jack, and the innovation that has been brought to my personal favorite genre that I kind of made up: freedom genre, really makes for a great game that needs to be played. Although some would argue, I could stand and defend this: Grand theft auto san andreas is the greatest game ever made, not just in it's genre, platform, or year, but the best video game I have ever had the honor to play, and if you enjoy video games by the very least, even running around and killing people in Grand theft auto 3 or Vicecity, you owe it yourself to buy this game, forget about renting it.