River City Ransom Cheats For NES

  1. Merlin's Mystery Shop

    To find Merlin's Mystery Shop go to the Armstrong Thru-Way. Once inside press up at the top wall and the wall will open. Inside you can buy the best items in the game.

    Contributed by: Dyse 

  2. Change Character Names

    On the character select screen, press Select on the controller to go to a screen where you can change Alex and Ryan's names to whatever you want.

    Contributed by: Flying Omelette 

  3. Dont lose half your money when you die. (2 players only)

    In a 2 player game, when one player is running low on health have the other first leave the screen. Then have the player in need of health kill their own character. When the low health player dies, as long as the other character is out of the screen waiting to go to the next area, he will retain all his money. If there are no holes to jump in or the enemies are taking to long to defeat the character, it might be preferable to have both characters go near the edge of the screen and have your teammate beat you up till you are defeated then immediately run out of the screen.

    Contributed by: MISTERPERK 

  4. Kunio and Riki's Hidden Portraits (USA Version)

    Start the game in Normal mode and enter the Status screen. Once in the status screen, hold Left on Controller 2 and press Right + Select on Controller 1. If done right, you'll arrive at a screen with a portrait for Kunio and Riki while the Double Dragon theme plays in the background.

    Contributed by: ReyVGM 

  5. Passwords

    Code Effect
    XfMdZTHwiR3 jaj6jfRUDEt tilm2tWRo8b Final Boss, w/ Max Stats, Dragon Feet, Stone Hands, Grand Slam, and Texas Boots
    fHUFBbvcnpa MS8iPpICZJP VKNOeVRQPDD Strange Item in Inventory that gives stat increases.
    w412ysgtMqc MUSjKm2PqtE UJMNdUTGOQC Power Up
    t1izvpdOZnZ JxNkJp7Cpub XMPQgXErSMF Ivan Beaten, High School Open
    jrYplfTgbdj nOorLTIYXwR SjTuqpilUHP Start w/ all abilities and 500$ in cash
    XfMdZTHUPR3 rztzPeQUCTt 61lxhtWRoZb Final Boss, w/ Max Stats, Stone Hands, Dragon Feet, Acro Circus, Grand Slam, 4 Karma Jolts, and $999.99 cash
    ltarnhVidfhdcmoZRjaQTRfUXYofbaZVN max stats, s.hands, d.feet, a.circus, $400, no story progressed

    Contributed by: Flying Omelette 

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River City Ransom Cheats For Sharp X68000

  1. Debug Mode

    At the title screen, select the "Key Assign" option. Once inside, use the X68000's keyboard and press Enter to change the keys of both players. The symbol/English letter will be on the left and the Japanese character on the right. Player 1 keys should be changed to: Comma (ne), Z (suokon), Colon (ke), Z (tsu), B (ko), 4 (u). And Player 2 keys should be changed to: F (ha), U (na), C (so), K (no), B (ko), 4 (u). Now, start the game and press the following keys to turn on/off different effects:

    Code Effect
    Hold CTRL and press any key such as 1 through 9, Minus Sign, ^, ¥ and Backspace. Get Moves
    Hold CTRL and press CLR Max Cash
    Hold CTRL and press BRK Max Strength
    Hold CTRL and press CPY Infinite Energy
    Press F1 through F6 Area Select

    Contributed by: ReyVGM