This really is just The Getaway without the need for doing anything.

This will be a short review (I can hear you sighing now).

If you owned or even played The Getaway, but never completed it, just buy this. The storyline is actually worse (is there even a story behind this one?), the graphics haven't changed bar a bit of tweaking of buildings (*sob* the secret garage with the Skyline, TVR and the Lotus and Go-Kart have gone *sob*), sound is still bland with no music bar some badly-conducted junk. IMHO,the only good sounds of this game are the body hitting the windscreen (you no longer get chased by the old bill when you're bad) and the Ducati 999R revving to a high-pitched climax. Oh yes, there's bikes. Nuff said. There's some mini-games, but none are very good, or warrant mention. Free-roam is unlocked from the beginning (which is why you don't need to do anything), and the charcter you get is immune to police (which is why you don' get chased euther!)(you get to choose from two others later [a stealthy girl and what's-his-name from number one], but Mitch is best {hell I remembered his name}). Overall, rubbish.