Flying pirates, monkeys and slow game play were enough for me

User Rating: 7 | Risen 2: Dark Waters PC
Risen 2 review

I've been waiting long enough for this game to come. I liked the first Risen and the idea of being a pirate is always housed inside me.
So I've started this game and was surprised that the default video settings were at max.

So the game starts with you as an inquisition on a very rainy day. You come to witness a Kraken destroying a ship and the only sailor to stay alive was Patty (Surprise…) the daughter of the infamous pirate Steelbeard. She immediately volunteers you to help her in one hell of a quest.

So the actual game play starts on some island where you first need to get money and equipment for your journey. Right after speaking with every character I could find in the village, I immediately set myself to wonder the jungle.

This is where I died for the first time in the game. Couple of monkeys killed me. Yeah, you read right, MONKEYS.

The game didn't provide me any clue on how to defend myself or what keys I should press to overcome this situation. There is a little visual aid but yet again I don't know in which order should I press the keys or when.

Nevertheless, after about 3-4 hours I had money from some missions.
Some of those missions where rather interesting, like freeing someone from a cell others where just "go there [location] and kill someone or something and then return for reward". After couple of missions and hours you'll be a captain of a ship and crew members which you could take with you in your expeditions.

After completing my 8th hour I can tell you this. The game progress is so slow I couldn't believe it. Even the character is running slowly.
By this time I still couldn't even fight by my own. I had to take a crew member with me whenever I went and lots of provisions.

The money weren't the problem, at least not that big of a problem. When you complete missions and kill enemies you gain something that called "glory" points which in gamers jargon is called experience. Those glory points you can spend on your talents and then you can train in certain characters around the game in exchange for money.
I've invested in some blade and toughness talents and then trained to endure pain longer, ability to parry strikes and make faster attacks. Guess what? It had no effect at all. I was still vulnerable and weak, so every time I saw an opponent bigger then monkey (monkeys I could deal with now, though) I would run to my crew member or to the nearest NPC possible, so he could help me fight the thing and then I'll give the final blow to kill it, so I won't feel that bad.

I don't know why but the skills don't do much even when I invested in lock picking skills, it only allowed to me to try to break the lock.

The combat thing isn't good. It's like hold the mouse for strong strikes [skill] or rapid click the mouse for rapid blows. The faster the better, and if you are in luck my fellow pirate, you'll win the battle.
Nothing is appealing in combat system. The worst thing about fighting is that any blow can cancel your movement and you'll have to start it again. So rapid blows from a little fella will keep you paralyzed until the unavoidable death.
Hate those, many loading screens wasted on this, Arrrrrr....

Sometimes the lead characters will disappear or start to fly when you need them and then reappear again. I was once trying to catch Patty to set sail. She was hovering above the ship as she does regularly. I don't know how I've done it, but I've jumped and could manage to click on her before I fell.

The variety of stuff you can buy is rather small and much likely that you won't need it anyway. The scarce gold that you collect can be of a better use when you spend it on skills, even though they aren't as great.

While wondering the jungles the game's music is fine and pleasant to hear. The acting voice is not interesting and sometimes you thing that the voice is coming from a drunken half asleep guy who was forced to say this text in reality.

While speaking to other NPC's, Sometimes the camera acts weirdly and clumsy.
Also when I've met this Petty for the first time she was like moving in a ballet style explaining me, why should I join and help her. The other day I saw her cursing like an Irishman or more like a pirate and she was still doing this ballet style movement of hers and waving here hand. In this situation I thought she would at least act properly with the body language.

The visuals where rather good but nothing interesting there despite the fact that you can use voodoo magic to control monkeys. Which is fun in its own way.

At the end of my 10th hour I've surrendered. The enemies are getting stronger. I on the other hand not getting anywhere near them with my skills. And missions like go find 6 Lotus flowers which are scattered on wide territory are for sailors not for pirates. Although I've had high hopes for this game. I'm disappointed though I enjoyed the monkeys. :D