Where's the six Gargoyle swarms?

#1 Posted by boeriemore (27 posts) -

I have been to all the islands and killed the gargoyles at each island

where Eldrig told me they were. Problem is, the quest shows that I have only completed five of the six

swarm quests. Can anyone tell me where to find the sixth swarm as I'm tired of sailing between islands

over and over again.

#2 Posted by CylonRaider01 (186 posts) -

THIS is an medium detailed guide of the gargoyle mission,scroll down a bit and you will find the mission i dont remember the correct order but i know that you need to speak to some chars to get the swarms,also there are on the air temple map too.

#3 Posted by boeriemore (27 posts) -
Thanks for the link. The last swarm must be at the Isle of the Dead which I have not yet visited.