Stuck! need help!!

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Ok so im just about to seal the last hole in the air temple and eldric has sumhow got himself stuck up a tree so he cant turn the eggs into serum for me! This is so frustrating as its impossible to reach him. Is there anyone else that can make the serum for me? I have saved the game since and the only other save i have is 17 hours earlier!! Please help.
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I had a similar problem, it was just a glitch. Go to your map and fast travel to the dirt merchant at the bottom of the mountain and he should appear by the fire with you. If that doesn't work let me know and I will look into it.

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In case I confused you, the dirt merchant is of course, Crouse.

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Thanks for the reply. crouse is nowhere to be seen. After i spoke to him when he told me about the chest, i havnt been able to find him. Its bugging me because i can see eldric but just cant reach him. i have tryed everything.
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Also i have checked on the character page and eldric isnt even part of the crew anymore.
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Hello guys, I wonder if you can help me. I rescued Largo and he has got my lock pick now and I can not get it back. :( Where can I get lock pick now? I tried the Blacksmith at Tacarigua's Pirate Den but he won't help me. Any suggestions? Thank you!!

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It's not impossible to reach the same thing happened to me just climb up some rocks until you are close enough to talk to him then fast travel to get him back with you.