Path above cave exit on Thieves Island (spoilers)

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I just found my way out of the Slayne traps you in after he betrays you. On the cliffside that the exit is formed into I noticed that there were some platforms to climb up (slightly toward the harbor side of the cliff, away from the exit. I began to climb and after about 4 the path reverses, requiring you to jump back toward the way you came but up to a higher platform. However, I cannot get to this platform, it requires you to run and jump to grab, which I didnt think was possible in the game. Has anyone else noticed this area, and more importantly, has anyone been able to get up here?

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Yeah it's a tricky jump, but i made it. the secret is not to sprint before the jump. you should stand like 2-3 steps before the edge, then start moving regulerly, and as your are right near the cliff end, press jump and he'll grab the next cliff. It's tricky but possible.

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thanks for the tip. it is tricky but i got it