Rise of Venice Cheats For PC

  1. Steam Achievements

    Code Effect
    Win an advancement vote with all 10 votes. Landslide
    Have more than 10 trading licenses. Welcome sight
    Have an active trading route. Division of labor
    Build 5 businesses in one game. Craftsman
    Your ships have a combined capacity of 1000 barrels. Every beginning is difficult
    Maximize a captain's trade attribute. One trick pony
    Build 10 warehouses. Total control
    Sink 10 ships. Polluter
    Store 25,000 barrels of stock in your warehouses. Packrat
    Complete 10 family missions. Covered in glory
    Have your steward sell 10,000 barrels of goods. Everything must go!
    Marry! The lucky one
    Do 500 damage using fire barrels. Firestarter
    Have more than 25 trading licenses. Welcome everywhere
    Win a manual naval battle in all weather conditions (sun, fog, rain). Neither rain nor snow nor heat ...
    Board 10 ships. Hostile takeover
    Making a profit of 150,000 gold from a single trading route tour. Pick of the litter
    Your ships have a combined capacity of 10000 barrels. Merchant fleet
    Assign a total of 10 tasks to people from your family tree in one game. Nepotism
    Lend 1,000,000 gold. Money laundering
    Add a friend to your Friends list. Aaah, a friend
    Spend 1 million gold bribing families. Small gifts keep friendships alive
    Build 10 hospitals and schools. Charitable
    Donate 10,000 barrels to the church. Superstitious
    Win a multiplayer game. One-eyed amongst the blind
    Do 500 damage using explosive barrels. Powder monkey
    Successfully perform all acts of sabotage once. Behind the scenes
    Sink 300 ships. Environmental enemy #1
    Have 10 active trading routes. Puppetmaster
    Build 50 businesses in one game. Producer
    Build every type of building in one game. Star architect
    Defeat a hunting convoy. Resistance
    Build 50 ships. Mariner's paradise
    Loot 10 trading convoys. Give me something!
    Maxmize all of one captain's attributes. Mother-in-law's darling
    Lose 5 advancement votes. Comeback kid
    Blockade a city 5 days non-stop. No entry!
    Complete 10 multiplayer games. Never give up
    Own all types of ships simultaneously. Fleet
    Complete every Scoreboard match in multiplayer mode. Fast luck
    Complete 50 family missions. Toady
    Let your spouse disappear. Drama, baby!
    Build 500 businesses in one game. Top manager
    Play the campaign through. CSI Venice
    Loot 10 of another player's trading convoys. The winner takes it all!
    Become Doge! Made it!
    Loot 150 trading convoys. Give me everything!
    Loot 50 trading convoys. Give me more!
    Play a game in which all players use female avatars. Cat fight
    Build 25 warehouses. Megalomania
    Marry for the second time Second try
    Win a manual naval battle against another player. Resistance is futile
    Destroy 10 Pirate hideouts. Pirates' nightmare
    Collect 500 sailors during manual battles through recovery and use of the Gentleman attribute. Soul catcher
    Drive all other producers out of a city. The squeeze
    Play in a full match. Mess

    Contributed by: Guard Master