Rise of Nations: Gold Edition Cheats For PC

  1. Cheat Mode

    Press [Enter] to input codes:

    Code Effect
    cheat safe 10 Submachine gunners are created
    cheat finish Finishes what you are building
    cheat reveal Reveals the whole map
    cheat die Kills anything selected
    cheat nuke Nukes where your cursor is
    cheat bird Creates a bird where your cursor is
    cheat sandbox Control all players
    cheat military research cancel your civic researches
    cheat civic research cancel your civic researches
    cheat commerce research cancel your commerce researches
    cheat science research cancel your science researches
    cheat age research cancel tour age researches

    Contributed by: Zen 

  2. Cheat Keys

    During game play, press ENTER to bring up the Chat bar. Type in "cheat keys on" to activate the functions listed below.

    Code Effect
    Alt+F5 +1,000 to all resources
    Alt+F9 Speeds up selected research/building/unit in progress

    Contributed by: Mikaa 

Walkthroughs & FAQs

Type Name File Size
Other Building/Unit FAQ by vegetarian_onos 43K

Rise of Nations: Gold Edition Cheats For Macintosh

  1. Rise of Nations: Gold Cheat Codes

    Cheats can be activated while playing by pressing the Return key, which will bring up a chat box. Type the code and then press Return again to activate the code.

    Note that the "cheat nuke" code still drops the Armageddon countdown by one. When the counter reaches zero, all the players automatically lose.

    Note that with the "cheat reveal" code you can only see the terrain. The fog of war still prevents you from seeing changes in enemy territory until you bring at least one unit there.

    Code Effect
    cheat bird Creates a bird where the pointer rests.
    cheat die Destroys whatever unit or building the pointer has selected.
    cheat finish Automatically finishes building the selected item in your build queue.
    cheat nuke Detonates a nuclear explosion wherever the pointer happens to be (be careful of its location before you enter this code).
    cheat reveal Reveals the map.
    cheat sandbox Reveals the map and brings all computer opponents under your control.
    cheat safe Creates a platoon of machine gunners around your capital city. Can be repeated as often as is necessary.
    cheat move move a selected unit to mouse location

    Contributed by: Polyphenus