It's a freakin blast

This game is a good game, if you're a fan of Marvel, and you have friends that are also fans of Marvel. There's nothing quite as satisfying as throwing your buddy with spidey's webs and then following it up by launching a sedan at them. The one player on the other hand, is ridiculously repetitive and feels more like work then fun. The extra characters are worth it though. The graphics are good enough, and the music is decent. The fighting system, while at first glance, seems very shallow, is in fact pretty deep. It's less about combos and more about reflexes, knowing when to block and when to punch. It took me a couple months to get to the point where i could beat anyone who challenged me consistently with any character, even the lesser ones like Wolverine and Daredevil. Just the fact that you can master it and be better than everyone else is to me, what makes a fighting system deep. I really hope they make a sequel, because if they made the one player better, it would be the ultimate marvel fighting game. So, in conclusion, if you like marvel, and you want to know what it would be like for The Thing to go up against the Human Torch, this is the most fun place you'll get it.