Awesome game. As good as any GTA game, and that's saying something.

I loved this game. I really hope Rockstar continues to carry the GTA sandbox model into other genres like this Western.

This is probably the best PS3 game I have played. I loved GTA4, but because this was more unique, and a western, if I had to chose 1 I think I would probably chose this.

Everything from the pacing to the missions was great. Awesome graphics as well. Story is great. Side jobs are fun, I like that you have to earn outfits and guns by doing side jobs etc.

Love the main character, he might be one of the best, most well-rounded of any GTA characters. The voice acting by the main character was brilliant, the BEST of any character in any Rockstar game. Rob Wiethoff as John Marston really needs to get more work, he did an amazing job.

Anyway, it is a wonderful spin on the GTA formula. Keeps all the winning parts, with a fresh new take.

A must-own.