Decent game to kill some time with but eventually gets repetitive.

User Rating: 7 | Rift PC
So with SWTOR getting released I figured I'd try out another MMO just to get my feet wet with the genre. I landed on Rift. At the time it was just released and I guess I just felt that it was a little late to be getting into WOW. I ended up playing the game from April through October just about every day. At first the game was incredible. The graphics were good, the world was huge, even the zone events were fun. By the end of October I was raiding in Hammerknell. If you aren't aware Hammerknell is a 20 man raid instance that gets progressively harder. Then suddenly for no apparent reason the magic just kind of died. As of today I have about week left of my subscription but I haven't even logged in for the past two weeks and will most likely be cancelling my subscription before the month is over. So here's my two cents based on the seven months I spent playing Rift on a daily basis:

Pros: Graphics are great. I look at my nephews playing WOW and laugh. Rift offers a huge, beautiful open world to explore and for a while it was a lot of fun doing so.

Cons: My first biggest complaint is the solo game play and story line. Basically it amounts to this. Go to some city, meet some people, kill a few monsters for them or pick up some items for them. Go to the next city. Rinse. Repeat. And in a month you are at Level 50. Once you hit 50 things get interesting again for a while but then get repetitive again. Do some Tier One dungeons, get some better gear, move on to the Tier Two dungeons, get some even better gear, start doing Raid rifts and then eventually make about 20 friends and start doing the first two twenty man raids, namely Greenscale's Blight and River of Souls.

Now I'll cover the raids for a bit...namely the 20 man raid instances. The game does offer a few 10 man raids as well but in the interest of keeping my review short I'll just stick to the 20 mans. Greenscale's Blight was a fun instance. I liked the idea of the ivy maze and even the story line had some signs of a plot. The boss fights were also fun. River of Souls was not as fun. The instance basically looks like they copied a tier one dungeon (King's Breach), painted it purple, and threw some very hard monsters and bosses in there for you to fight. Even the story line seemed lacking. Eventually after you have managed to beat these two instances to a pulp and everyone that you raid with has enough gear you can wonder into Hammerknell. Hammerknell is a beautiful dungeon. Its really a shame that 95% of the people that play Rift will see little or none of it. To be honest I think it is too difficult but I guess I just feel like you should not have to raid five times a week for 4-5 hours a day with the same group of people for 6 months to clear a dungeon. But if you look at the guilds and the few that have managed to clear it, you will find this is pretty much how they did it. That about covers my thoughts on raids in this game.

The game also offers PVP, but I am not really into PVP. To be honest if I wanted to do PVP I'd look at a game that was pretty much made for PVP like BF3. But if you like killing time with your toon by playing against others and reading a chat that will make you feel like you are in junior high school again, Rift's PVP warfronts are a great place to hang out.

In the end, I guess it all just got boring. Even the end game raiding pretty much turned into the same boring leader telling people to stand there, kill that, stay out of that aoe. I guess watching videos on how to beat a dungeon boss and then going and repeating what you saw on the video just wasn't really doing it for me. And with little or nothing else to offer in terms of solo questing it just feels like it is time to move on. Fortunately I have Skyrim to keep me company and SWTOR on the horizon.

In retrospect I think Rift could have been great if there was anything about it that was actually groundbreaking. Instead...for me at least, it started out strong, but grew into a mundane experience towards the end.