Did you wanna Pay $60 for Poop in a Box with a nice package thats says Xbox 360?

User Rating: 5.3 | Ridge Racer 6 X360
Did you wanna Pay $60 for Poop in a Box with a nice package thats says Xbox 360?

This is my Opinion a the makings of a good (mediocre) game.
The Environment has to be appealing and worth seeing again.
Gameplay must be solid or a least try to be.
Good Mobility and Control.
Good Story or goals to complete the game.
A Interesting Variety in options, stages, and material (Cars).
And if its a sequel in the Franchise I would bring some familiar aspects to the game.

Does anyone remember Ridge Racer 5? Because I do, I got it shorty after launch of the PS2 and it sucked as bad as this sequel too. I really remember Ridge Racer 4 and that version was actually good and fun. Namco knows they did a crappy job with RR5 because it took them 5 years to move on and forget about it. They Decided to let their bowels move just one more time to test the waters. Microsoft was so desperate for Japanese developers to have titles for the japan launch they really didn't care what it was they just wanted product out on the shelves.

Remember the Launch of the PSP, Ridge Racer was the first off the Shelf. But wait its just called Ridge Racer, maybe they are embarrassed by the previous releases. Well I hope Namco doesn't decide to crap on the PS3 as well cause I would hate to right another crappy review about crap.

I'm sorry forks about the Language and about My sad review but it's just my opinion.

If you are bored, really bored and thinking of checking this one out, Forget it!
You wouldn't give some one money to crap on your 360, so don't waste your time.

I've talked badly about a game before but this one takes the toll.

Sorry Folks
I gotta go take a bath I feel dirty.

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