One of the best Racer games!

User Rating: 10 | Ridge Racer 6 X360
It only took me about 2 races to get used to the controls and after that it was all gravy. I have to say that the Basic Routes are pretty easy. All the other routes were medium except for two races. I think one was on special route, I don't remember the route number. The other one was Final Route 1, that route was pretty much about knowing the right time to nitrous and luck, especially the way AI cars take the whole track up.

I highly think anyone who likes arcade racing type style get this game. On the graphics on my HDTV are amazing. The Audio is excellent as well, use the fiber optic cable to your surround system to get maximum effect. The replay value is great especially online racing, you can race 16 other online racers at one time which is Awesome!

The achievements are pretty hard to achieve, but once you get them, you feel a sense of happiness and makes you want to play more. The no Collision and nitrous is the most time consuming of all. I have played between 40-50 hours total and plan on getting all 1000 points!