Ridge Racer (2012) Cheats For PlayStation Vita

  1. Trophies

    There are 36 Bronze Trophies, 8 Silver Trophies, 3 Gold Trophies, and 1 Platinum Trophy.

    Code Effect
    Beat Legendary Angel Car in All Races Divinity
    Beat Legendary Devil Car in All Races Exorcist
    Receive Devil's Gift Gift from Beyond
    Regift Devil's Gift To Another Racer On PlayStation Network Parting Gift
    Earn All Trophies Platinum Ridge Racer
    Sign Trianchor Alliance Welcome to Trianchor Alliance!
    Sign Circlite Racing Welcome to Circlite Racing!
    Sign Xealot Motorsport Welcome to Xealot Motorspot!
    Sign Squaris GP Welcome to Squaris GP!
    You Must Transfer Your Team Switching Sides
    Your team sponsor acknowledges your steady efforts, and has upgraded your machine's specs to the next level. Keep up the good work. Prodigy
    Max Out Your Machine's Basic Specs Solid Foundation
    Your Skill Level Must Be Level 2 Capable
    Your Skill Level Must Be Level 5 Skillful
    Your Skill Level Must Be Level 10 Accomplished
    Your Skill Level Must Be Level 16 Stellar
    Took First momentous step toward developing an upgrade kit on the Machine Upgrade Map. Tinkerer
    Reach First Branch Off Point In Machine Upgrade Map Mad Mechanic
    Equip An Upgrade Kit From Groups A through C For First Time Triple Threat
    Obtain Super Slipstream and Zero Slipstream for controlling the effects of slipstreaming. Wind Whipper
    Obtain Hacker Kit and Data Jammer for hi-tech electronic tactics. Electronic Warfare
    Obtain All Types of Nitrous Kits On Machine Upgrade Map Nitrous Master
    Complete Machine Upgrade Map Tech Tree Climber
    Place First In race With Most Mild Drift Settings Mild and Menacing
    Place First In Race With Most Dynamic Drift Settings Dynamic and Dangerous
    Race In Over 50 Spot Races. Practice Makes Perfect
    Race In Total Time Attack Over 50 times. Triple Lap Trickster
    Race More than 200 laps in Lap Time Attack Single Lap Spirit
    Beat Over 50 Races In Ghost Battle Ghost Hunter
    Beat Ghost That Is Higher Than 10G. Ghost Contender
    You submitted your race to Ghost Battle. Now they're out to get you! Ectoplasmed
    Race Over 50 Online Battles World Racer
    Race Over 50 Face to Face Battles Socialite
    Race With Friend In Online Battle. Friend or Foe?
    Upload 100 Victory Points To Your Team Through Team Vision Generous at Heart
    You Must Be Ranked High In Credit Ranking Filthy VIP
    You Must Be Ranked High In Score Ranking Top Dog VIP
    You Must Be Selected Today's Spotlight VIP For Your Team Claim to Fame VIP
    Race Against VIP Racer In Online Battle Steal the Spotlight
    Obtain Over 30.000 CR Free Agent
    Race At Least Once In Every Race Mode. Been Around the Block
    Race On All 3 courses (Southbay Docks, Highland Cliffs, and Harborline 765 (Includes R Courses) Journeyman
    Race at least once With each of 5 machines (Bisargento, Rauna, Fiera, Eo and Synci) Machine Junkie
    Master Paddle Shift In Race Technician
    Reach Maximum Speed With Maxed Out Machine Speed Demon
    Pull Off Rocket Start Rocketeer
    Stop By That Special Spot On Harborline 765 Course. Stop and Smell the Roses
    Place First Without Using Nitrous Nitrous-Free

    Contributed by: Guard Master