A really overlooked game deserves your attention brought to you by Shinji

Of all Fab Five series that Capcom showed us only one game was really exclusive to its game platform, that game is P.N. 03 while Dead Phoenix didn't see light anywhere.
Certainly not known as RE4 or KIller7 both had more luck commercially, PN 03 is a game of its kind.
Starting by title can be said, for me, its root can derivate by fact number 3 represents perfect number so it' s possible its title refers to this thing, game perfect or machine perfect.
However, it is useful to say to reader PN 03 is not a perfect game by any means.
This atypical shooter game is put in third person perspective that remembers in some manners RE4. Though it doesn't offer all the weapons you can find in RE4 that i can remember are really many. Infact in this game you control a Cybernetic female protagonist whose mission is to avenge parents death provoked by CAMs (computer advanced machines) are now really gone mad and have to be stopped.
Vanessa Z. Schneider has to her disposal a ion cannon that affords her to neutralize robot machines with the help of lock on features, the power of this cannon can be adjusted in special shops where you can buy among other stuff also extralives when necessary because you are going to lose many many lives under enemy fire and here begin the problems game has.
To Control Vanessa isn't easy, you move her forward with control stick but when you want move her backwards she simply does back steps meaning you have to back step many times to move back and reach a secure place, this feature is really frustrating when you are in the middle of action but you can then jump and fantastic jumps you can do in front of, reverse or laterally, useless to say in this game you are going to jump many times to avoid projectile enemies.
It's not all, Vanessa with shoulder buttons can perform lateral steps and if pressed twice in that direction can perform a wheel really useful to dodge enemy fire and get to hideout. she can of course ducking and rolling with.
Now you will ask how it's possible she is just poor armed with weak ion cannon when her enemies have to disposal every kind of weapons varying from machine guns to laser to electrical shock to missiles, well to beat this game is necessary to move and do it fast exploiting every move described and doing it in tempestive manner in a combo of jumps somersaults, ducking rolls over and over.
Luckily every hit brought to Vanessa doesn't coincides with her death because she has armor very effective if equipped fully with expansions you can buy to increase vitality bar, to increase ion cannon power and more
These armours you can change to your pleasure have to be bought and every new armour has special attacks you can activate with special button combos. The effects produced are really destructives bringing to eliminate down great part of the enemies hit and seriously damaging others.
All in all it is a game has been criticized in large ways but has been also too much banished with non-sensical game reviews demonstrate openly those persons haven' really played game. In this game high points oversize low points and if you are a shooter fan you have to add to your collection and it's a game can justify the buying of a new machine for its uniqueness.
My vote is 8.2