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This game looks good, plays well, and contains all the features found in a decent sports title.


VR Soccer is the latest Interplay "we wanna be EA sports line" series of "me too" titles. This game looks good, plays well, and contains all the features found in a decent sports title. These "VR" games don't fail, they just haven't found themselves yet. And even though VR Soccer plays like every other soccer title released in the last three years, it just might stand above others for one reason: the inclusion of Gary Glitter's arena anthem when the game loads (complete with the "Hey!").

Seriously though, VR Soccer boasts multiple camera angles, a good though haphazard passing interface, and no teams worth picking that aren't of European or South American origin. The "put the camera anywhere" feature does add graphical pizzazz (even though you can't put it "anywhere;" rather you choose from a large variety of pre-set camera angles). But it's doubtful that this feature will lure die-hards from the FIFA staple or Sega's superlative Worldwide Soccer 97. Pop in the title, and you'll be in pass, pass, score heaven before you know it - which is fun for a while, but not all that interesting in the long term. It's also worth mentioning that the two-player mode works well, and the camera's automatic movements switch perfectly from offense to defense.

The play control is where this title shows the most refinement. After completing the PC and Playstation versions, Interplay seems to have finally gotten down accuracy in the passing and stealing. The high and low passes add extra accuracy while on offense, but the lack of a playable goalie will have many players taking out their frustrations on their controller. VR Soccer's control doesn't sport the seamless integration found in the likes of Worldwide Soccer 97, but once you find your rhythm scoring is easy enough.

If you want something a bit slicker-looking than the other titles out there, VR Soccer has a nice polygonal freshness to it. Other than that, it doesn't quite present the strongest gameplay contention for your sports dollar. As with most non-EA or Sega Sports titles you should check it out before you buy it, though the stadium music just might sway you. Hey!

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First Release on Mar 31, 1996
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In the final analysis, suffice to say that other soccer sims do it better for the same price.
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