Upwords Deluxe Review

This game is a faithful adaptation of Upwords, meaning that it's only as good as the original is.

Upwords Deluxe is a good adaptation of the classic game that gives a little twist to Scrabble. The game is presented well with good-looking graphics, easily navigable menus, and an interesting and soothing soundtrack. However, since there's nothing quite different about this particular Upwords from any other iteration, you have no outstanding reason to necessarily play this version.

In the game, you can play either by yourself or against a computer opponent, using tiles on a board to create words. Unlike Scrabble, you're allowed to stack letters on top of each other, changing parts of the word and keeping other parts the same. You get greater bonuses the higher you stack, and you'll find out later on that there's no room to branch out, only to stack upward. This game is faithful to the Upwords tradition, but there's nothing particularly interesting or innovative about it, which would have given it the push into truly recommendable territory.

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The Good
Faithful adaptation
A couple of modes
Good presentation
The Bad
Nothing original
Not enough variety
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  • First Released Q4 2005
    • PC
    Upwords Deluxe is a puzzle game much like Scrabble with the added feature of stackable letters.
    Developed by:
    Oberon Media
    Published by:
    MSN Games
    Content is generally suitable for all ages. May contain minimal cartoon, fantasy or mild violence and/or infrequent use of mild language.
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