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Action on the Playstation is seldom more fun.

Time has not stood still for Activision. Teaming up with Adeline Software, Time Commando's stunning 3-D graphics and innovative gameplay bring action and adventure on the Playstation to dizzying heights. And as promised, this is a game where the player's only armor is his instinct, and all-out warfare the only choice. Action on the Playstation is seldom more fun.

The storyline in this tilted side-view action adventure is straight out of cyberpunk fiction: A deadly virus has invaded the military's top secret super computer, and its catastrophic time-warping effects threaten to destroy the world. Obviously, the player's objective is to destroy the virus, but it isn't as easy as it sounds. The player must travel through time, collect as many uninfected memory circuits as possible, find a memory upload terminal, and send those healthy memory circuits back to the main computer to temporarily stall the virus. If successful, the player will terminate the virus before time runs out. And if unsuccessful....

Time Commando's graphics are topnotch - the characters and backgrounds are beautifully rendered. The sound is remarkable for its realism - clobber a knight with an iron mace or beat a grizzly bear with a prehistoric club and hear for yourself. The game has nine magnificently rendered worlds, each with its own weapons (including prehistoric spikes, clubs, and rocks; or medieval iron maces, shields, and swords). Within these nine worlds players will confront 20 levels and over 80 enemies. These combinations add up to a complex and absorbing adventure. On the downside, the controls aren't perfect - they provide easy, though somewhat choppy, character movement.

Despite the minor movement flaw, players would be well advised to check out Time Commando - if only for its involved gameplay and myriad challenges. This is a well-executed action title with plenty of play value.

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    Action on the Playstation is seldom more fun.
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