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Star Defense makes excellent additions to the tower defense genre and is a true showcase for the iPhone platform.

Star Defense is a 3D tower defense game with a universe of appeal. A true showcase for the platform, the game brings strategy to the iPhone in a package that players of all stripes will find thoroughly enjoyable.

Star Defense builds on the core tower defense gameplay that has become such a hit on the App Store. You must defend your tower using strategically chosen weaponry against incessant waves of enemies called the S'rath. Should your foes endure the gauntlet of firepower, they'll advance along the twisting path to the tower and deliver their attack. If enough enemies break your defense, the tower will be defeated and allow the S'rath skunks to sack the planet.

Star Defense makes traditional tower defense gameplay appealing to just about anyone.

What makes Star Defense stand out is its effective combination of gameplay and smooth 3D presentation. This is a great-looking game that also offers challenging gameplay. Players manipulate the battlefield planets using multitouch gestures, zooming, pinching, and rotating the game space to strategic effect. The controls are perfectly suited to the turbulent pace of the game's more difficult scenarios and allow for the precise deployment of defenses to any point on the planet. Double-tapping each unit brings up the option to either sell it or upgrade its weapon, and the only difficulty you'll probably experience with the controls occurs when you try to upgrade your defenses in a hurry. Otherwise, Star Defense has some of the most natural and intuitive touch controls out there.

Your arsenal consists of five types of weapons that can be upgraded three times for a total of 15 possible options. Each delivers a unique type of damage, and because particular enemies are invulnerable to certain damage types, you'll need a carefully chosen mix to stave off the S'rath menace. Weapons can be bought and upgraded using the credits earned by defeating the opposition. There's a good deal of intense strategic planning to be had in finding the most effective combination of attacks. Fortunately, the game's pacing is finely tuned to deliver a difficulty curve good for methodical perfectionists and all-turrets-blazing beginners alike.

Star Defense has a learning curve suitable for beginners and veterans alike.

In addition to its great graphics and gameplay, the game offers great replay value in obtaining achievement commendations using ngmoco's online Plus+ network. It's also a blast competing with your friends' scores via Facebook and Twitter. And with seven stages in all, combined with three difficulty levels, Star Defense will keep you busy for some time.

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The Good
Outstanding controls
Challenging but accessible pacing
Gorgeous presentation.
The Bad
Difficult to upgrade defenses in the heat of battle.
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    Star Defense makes excellent additions to the tower defense genre and is a true showcase for the iPhone platform.
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