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Neo Dragon's Wild is a good little cart to keep around.

People buy those crazy little LCD screen video poker machines. I've seen them do it. But about the only thing those cheap trinkets can do is keep score. Neo Dragon's Wild does all that, but it also has a few different modes and a couple bonus games, bringing it more in line with modern-day casino video poker machines.

The game doesn't really have much of a point - if you run out of points (the game's equivalent to money), you can just hit the A button and get some more. Plus, the game has an option that will automatically choose which cards it thinks you should hold. So 90% of the time you can just pound the A button over and over again and watch your life pass you by. Unlike most video poker games, Neo Dragon's Wild isn't a "Jacks or Better" game. Scoring one pair of jacks or higher will put you one step closer to one of the game's bonus games, where you can multiply your winnings. After every win, you can play a quickie little high-low bonus game, where you bet whether a card will turn out to be higher or lower than seven. The stakes are double or nothing, so it's possible to multiply even a small win into a decent-sized score.

OK, I'm not going to lie to you. As much as I know that Neo Dragon's Wild has very little going for it, I'm totally addicted. But then, I've always been a fan of video poker. It's really quite a mystery why there are three different casino games for the Neo Geo Pocket, especially when you consider that two of them are slot machines. If you suffer from the same video poker addiction, Neo Dragon's Wild is a good little cart to keep around. But the rest of you needn't bother with what is an otherwise shallow, simplistic game.

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    Neo Dragon's Wild is a good little cart to keep around.
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