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Mind Games Volume 1 provides sufficient entertainment, though the games are extremely simplified.

Mind Games Volume 1 is a collection of four minigames that are based on previously established and fairly popular toys and games. None of these minigames could possibly justify a download by itself, but together they may divert you for a short amount of time.

Mind Games Volume 1 is about as basic as basic gets.

Repeat Pete may be familiar as the game of Simon. You're presented with a picture of a machine with a different color facing every direction. The computer starts a sequence, which you must echo perfectly. After successfully mimicking a selection, the computer adds another step to the pattern. The object is to get as far into the sequence as possible without messing up, since making one error will begin the game over at the first level. Picture Match recalls the game Memory, where you must flip over 20 facedown cards, two at a time, to find a match. If a match isn't made, the cards remain facedown, and you must figure out where the appropriate matches are in as few moves as possible. Slider is a 16-spaced square, with 15 numbered blocks placed inside it at random, as well as one empty block. You must slide around the numbers, placing them in order, by sliding blocks into the empty space one at a time. Finally, Line Up consists of five face-down cards that have pictures of different objects and colors on them. You have three opportunities to look at them for a second before attempting to duplicate their order, pattern, and color on your own set of five cards.

The appeal of Mind Games Volume 1 is that you can have all these games in one place, and you can pick them up and play them at will. The downside is that Volume 1 doesn't do much more than facilitate a very simple version of each of these classic games. Moreover, there's no sound, and the graphics are minimal on the LG VX7000. If you'd like to play these minigames, then Mind Games Volume 1 will provide sufficient entertainment, though the games are extremely simplified and offer no long-term reward.

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popular mini-games
simple presentation
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too easy
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needs more variety
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    Mind Games Volume 1 provides sufficient entertainment, though the games are extremely simplified.
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