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Infinite Crosswords provides a lot of crosswords and a lot of options, but none of them are necessarily better than the ones in your local paper.

Infinite Crosswords isn't exactly a misnomer--you will be able to play a ton of crosswords and download more after you've mastered all the ones that came with the original game. However, the game isn't infinitely free (after the purchase price); paying $10-$15 each time you want additional crossword content isn't necessarily appealing. The game is certainly filled with options; you can print crosswords and solutions from numerous publications or play them digitally. If you get strapped, you can give yourself a clue, and if you're playing on "regular" difficulty, each letter will indicate (by color) whether it's been inputted correctly.

But as with those crossword books you can buy in the airport, something seems wrong about having the answers attached to the product. It's too tempting to cheat in this game, which makes the challenge virtually nonexistent. The sound and graphics are as you would expect from a crossword game, which is to say, adequate but secondary. Additionally, it's much easier to complete a traditional crossword puzzle than one on the PC, at least initially. You'll have problems getting used to which direction your typing is going, among other things. Infinite Crosswords has a lot of different crosswords from different publications, but it hasn't improved upon the age-old crossword mechanic.

The Good
Lots of crossword puzzles
Variety among the themes
Many different options
The Bad
Too easy to cheat
Have to pay more for "infinite" content
Confusing controls
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  • First Released Q4 2005
    • PC
    Play all the crossword puzzles you could want in Infinite Crosswords.
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    Playtonium Game
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