Indiana Jones and the Lost Puzzles Review

This puzzle game takes some risks and comes away with some fortune and some glory.

Indiana Jones, a name that movie posters remind us is synonymous with adventure, takes on a different kind of assignment in Lost Puzzles. Instead of exchanging punches with Nazis or delving into ancient history and mythology, this time around, Indy jumps around on colored blocks until the ceiling caves in.

Items from the movie, like the snake and the Ark, make appearances.

The match-three puzzles that Indy has to solve are thankfully varied, and some are downright complex. Besides jumping around to create combos while a time limit bears down on you, you'll have to avoid certain colors, chart paths that don't leave you stuck, or calculate combos of a specific length, depending on which game mode you're playing.

In Ruins of Adventure, which is the main gameplay mode, you choose one of two different styles for each puzzle room (though sometimes your choice will be blocked by a giant boulder that comes crashing down from the top of the screen). Each room will also award you a different-colored gem, which you have to arrange on a game board to earn bonus points. However, the location of this gem is randomly assigned.

This random element can be frustrating. Sure, in the movies Indy gets out of lots of situations based on sheer luck, but you'd probably prefer to put your skills to work instead of relying on the luck of the draw. Since the game is all about obtaining a high score, the random gem selection can throw off your strategy.

In this type of puzzle, you can pick up the gray blocks only when they're in a certain-length combo.

A story mode might have made sense of the random elements. If, for example, your nemesis was the one who trapped you in a bad situation, or you had to rescue one of Indy's many girlfriends, it would be easier to accept the random twists of fate. Even without a story mode, familiar Indiana Jones icons like snakes, Sankara stones, and the Holy Grail make appearances as obstacles and power-ups.

The use of Indiana Jones as a main character imbues Lost Puzzles with a sense of adventure that is normally lacking in these types of games. However, if you're used to the action-packed movies, you might expect a bit more from any game that features Indy. This game will appeal to those who enjoy both Indy and puzzles, but it's not the best example of either.

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The Good
Enjoyable Ruins of Adventure mode
Good use of the license
Colorful and fun graphics.
The Bad
Randomized elements can be frustrating
Small gameplay area.
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