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This mobile bowling game doesn't bring anything new to the well-worn genre, which already has several better options.

In 300 Bowl, you engage in the sport of bowling alone, against the computer, or in pass-and-play fashion with a partner while in search of that elusive perfect 300 score. 300 Bowl does a pretty good job of mimicking bowling, but this mobile bowling game doesn't bring anything new to the well-worn genre, which already has several better options.

300 Bowl looks nice, but it's hardly unique.

The entirety of the gameplay is on the lanes, and it consists of several different options that help guide your ball and affect its progress toward the 10 pins. The first selection is to choose the starting point from where you'll throw the ball. You can stand anywhere along the horizontal axis of the lane, and depending on whether you're putting spin on the ball or not, you may opt to stand off to the side or directly in the middle. There are buttons to fine-tune the starting-point indicator so that you can situate yourself as perfectly as you'd like. After selecting your starting point, a constantly moving indicator appears that determines where the ball is going to be aimed. This selection is not as exact of a science as positioning yourself, so it provides a little bit of a challenge to the gameplay, because you can feasibly mess it up. After choosing the ball's trajectory, a third indicator appears to determine the spin of the ball. Ideally, this indicator can be used to correct any mistakes that you've made with the first two selections, and a good player learns how to use spin to adjust for any course. This system is pretty much exactly the same as the one Jamdat Bowling laid down four years ago, and it still functions just fine here.

There is no variety to the bowling itself. Each game consists of 10 or 11 frames, where your only goal is to get as high a score as possible and, if only for bragging rights, beat your opponent. Alternative modes or gameplay styles would have greatly enriched the solid-but-otherwise-barren gameplay of 300 Bowl. Without any choices for gameplay besides the very standard bowling, the depth of the game depends entirely on how exciting the technical aspect of button-based bowling is to you. While it's rewarding to overcome obstacles, and it's extremely rewarding if you perform the almost impossible task of getting a spare on a split, this gratification doesn't last...especially since so many other games have offered the exact same thing already. For additional challenge, there are a couple of options. The difficulty setting doesn't really make the gameplay that much harder, but turning up the oil on the lanes does. So if you enjoy 300 Bowl, you should try playing it with the oil setting on max.

The graphics in 300 Bowl are nicely done on the LG VX7000. It's good to be able to see the marks and lines on the lane to help position your cursor. The only problem with the graphics is that the pins do not appear to knock into one another, so you can't see how close or far off you are when aiming for a split, for example. If the split has been achieved, both pins will merely fall down, instead of showing the trajectory of one pin as it crashes into another. This would have been a nice addition to give you a visual sense of how the pins interact with one another...and it's pretty standard for bowling games at this point. Also, you don't get a close-up view of the pins as the ball is about to crash into them. The sound is sharp, so you can hear the ball moving down the lane, as well as the pins being knocked down, which is always a satisfying noise. Additionally, people clap for you at the end of each round.

300 Bowl renders the sport of bowling well, and if that's appealing, you'll find this game to be a worthwhile experience. The problem is that there's nothing to this game to recommend it over the many other titles in the genre, including classics like the Jamdat Bowling games. Without detailed pin animations, a zoom-in camera, or a multiplayer component, 300 Bowl is basically just a competent rehash of games that have already been on the market for a long time.

The Good
good bowling
has some nice details
The Bad
no variety
gets old quickly
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    This mobile bowling game doesn't bring anything new to the well-worn genre, which already has several better options.
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