A Really Goofy, but Fun Game

User Rating: 8.1 | Return to Zork PC
I played this game years ago. I had played one of the original Zork games, but this was their first Graphic adventure. For the Zork fans, this was a great game of its day. The simple humor, the puzzles (Yeah, I think everyone had to use a guide). It was quite an interesting piece of work. Of course I played this on my 386 where I had to type in DOS commands. Wow, that was half the challenge so you were ready to play by the time the game got started. Anyway, I heard that Zork Nemesis was a much better game, am looking for a copy of it that will run on XP.

If you are looking for old school adventure fun, Return to Zork is the way to go. Not quite a Monkey Island or King's Quest, but a lot of fun.