What other game lets you blast a guy in the face with a shotgun, rewind time and blow him up with a grenade also, cool!

I'll be honest, this game will never make it into the ranks of all time great games. The plot is a bit hard to follow, has a few holes in it, and the ending is a bit lacking, but not every game is going to be a Gears of War, or Half-life. For those of us that like to shoot things, this game gives you plenty of things to shoot, and lots of fun weapons to shoot them with, and with the ability to control time, Timeshift gives the player something really fun to toy with. How many times in other games have you been in combat and the enemy throws a grenade at you and all you can do is go "oh crap" before your bloody bits. Not in this game, if you get a grenade stuck to you, just rewind time and blast the guy before he can throw it. Walk into an ambush? Just slow down time and catch them all by surprise, even take their own weapons and watch them look around trying to figure out what just happened. I couldn't get enough of it. There were no real boss fights or other FPS conventions in this game, just level after level of bad guys waiting for you to vaporize them. The game looks really good, I'm glad they took the extra time to revamp the graphics, and the sound is really good as well. Overall a solid shooter that lets you do exactly what the name implies, shoot things, with style.