ResQ Cheats For Genesis

  1. Hidden Sound Test

    Enter "MUSIC" at the password screen and hit Start to access a hidden sound test.

    Contributed by: fate_has_none 

  2. Level Passwords

    Enter the codes on the password screen to go to the level shown.

    Code Effect
    START Lvl01. Mines 1, First Level
    FLAIS Lvl02. Mines 2, Six Trapped
    FSWKM Lvl03. Mines 3, Five Trapped
    TWSFS Lvl04. Mines 4, Unknown Miner
    MWKYA Lvl05. Mines 5, Four Miners
    TIACB Lvl06. Mines 6, Taxing Assignmen
    PHGAC Lvl07. 3D Stage, Fly to Techno City
    JIAFL Lvl08. Techno City 1, Welcome
    WRMRS Lvl09. Techno City 2, Six Miners
    TLIFH Lvl10. Techno City 3, Giant Ventilation Shaft
    BLWVM Lvl11. Techno City 4, Booby Trapped Area
    DDKAG Lvl12. Techno City 5, Final Mission of Planet
    IHIBA Lvl13. 3D Stage, Fly To Abandoned Caves
    POAPV Lvl14. Abandoned Caves 1, Two Miners
    JDHAC Lvl15. Abandoned Caves 2, Miner & Gas Search
    TAPAP Lvl16. Abandoned Caves 3, Cave with Secrets
    BCAFA Lvl17. Abandoned Caves 4, Three Buried Miners
    BMAS Lvl18. Abandoned Caves 5, Six Lost Miners
    SHCIB Lvl19. 3D Stage, Fly to Tempest City
    BOARF Lvl20. Tempest City 1, Welcome
    DASMD Lvl21. Tempest City 2, Northern District of City
    TFIAT Lvl22. Tempest City 3, Abandoned Research Facility
    PSSYC Lvl23. Alien World, The Final Mission

    Contributed by: oblivion from aoc