If John Woo could make an RPG it'd looks something like Resnonance of Fate (EOE) to some.

User Rating: 9.5 | Resonance of Fate PS3
You can switch languages to get the original voices if that fits your pleasure. The game is great.

By that I mean:
It looks great.
Sounds great
Feels great

Weapon upgrades are smooth and easy to understand. I am still not sure how much clothing changes help other than to make your characters look awesomer . . . more awesome lol. Plus the bullet spraying over the top quick action combat scenes are fun to watch over and over again. Word to the wise, be mindful of how you approach enemies and which enemies you attack and when. You can actually prevent fellow teammates from being attacked in combat as well as move a character out of harms way.

What shines about this game so far to me ultimately is the combat system.

The combat system is thought out, and smooth witht he ability to pick your running path, and target the enemies at your leisure. item kits help battle progress, and you have to be mindful of those coin like emblems at the center of your screen. If you run out and there are still bad guys on the scene you will need to kill one to restore at least one slot. Other than that the story moves and involves the three characters and progresses with somegood humor.

This game is alot more fun because you utilize all of your characters in combat, unlike another game that came out at the same time and rhymes with
"all tapestry is keen".