Rainbow Six Vegas 2 is an awesome sequel that is very familiar to Vegas 1 and has a lot of cool new features.

RSV2 is a lot like the first one but with a great amount of add-ons that I noticed. I'll start with the cover system. When you pop out in Vegas 2 the crosshair is pretty large and takes a second for it to become small. It makes it harder now for you to pop out and instantly kill somebody now but it adds a little more realism to the game. The blindfire has improved from the first Vegas by being not as much spread out and more shot in the direction you want it to. So that's what changed about the cover system. In Vegas 2 they also added sprint which is a very good new feature. It's useful for running from grenades and from cover to cover without being shot. But now in Vegas 2 you also have bullet penetration which makes you really think about which cover to take. It makes battles more interesting. Next are the guns. A lot of the guns have been improved in Vegas 2. Like the light machine guns. The light machine guns are now a lot more accurate which makes them a lot more useful. Shotguns pump action are a lot more faster this time around too. Now you don't have to worry about multiple enemies. Almost each gun now can have a high capacity mag which is very great for guns that shoot fast and have low amount of ammo like Famous which only has 26 bullets. The high capacity mag adds about 10 extra bullets but if you put it on you won't be able to get a scope or a laser. Vegas 2 has 11 new weapons to choose from. So that's that for weapons. Now for the Campaing. The Campaing is probably the same length as the first one. Took me probably about 9 hours to be it on Realistic. The missions in Vegas are a lot better and funner in Vegas 2 just because of the environment. The environment is a lot more comfortable which makes it better to battle in. To get the full experience you have to play it for yourself. I suggest that it is a must buy but if you don't want to waste 60 bucks then just rent it. Rainbow Six Vegas 2 is great new sequel that I think you will enjoy.