The sequel to the first on base on Resident Evil series

Dino Crisis 2 on the Sony Playstation is the sequel to first Dino Crisis and it been a year after the accident where Dino Crisis ended, this time there been another 3rd energy happen that took Edward City and replace with a cretaceous jungle in its place. You as Regina and Dylan, an T.R.A.T. member are on a mission to save the remaining survivor of Edward City, as the game progress, you find out, how other humans got to the Cretaceous period as they are from the future, ahead of Regina present time. The gameplay is very much the same as the first one, but added switch targets and a melee/sub weapon to the game giving the player the ability to gain a little advantage to help escape away from danger and extinction points to help buy more ammo and powerful guns for Regina and Dylan. The graphics of Dino Crisis 2 the same as the original Dino Crisis and like Resident Evil 2's graphics. The sound in Dino Crisis 2 is a little bit louder as you can hear what the characters are saying to each other. Overall, Dino Crisis 2 is a little better than it's processor by having melee and switching target on the go and new extra game mode that will keep you playing for a little bit while.

Gameplay: 9- Just like the previous one but has some function added, like the ability to melee and switch targets.

Graphics: 7- The same as the original with new dinosaurs.

Sound: 7- You can just hear voices a little louder than the original.

Value: 9- Update the original Dino Crisis and add a few more extra stuff, like Extra Crisis, where you can defeat certain amount of different dinosaurs and play dinosaur duel against a friend.


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